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The following have been deduced from Terranigma.

He's basically saying that he can't talk to animals and plants anymore, but he won't be alone.

I think the first two symbols after the space on the first line probably mean plant. I imagine they are referring to unmoving living things. In contrast with living things that do move.

様 or さま - honorific referring to someone of a very high status or of much respect (something like that?). Just found the kanji symbol for it.

"Gobi desert"

I saw this earlier but 砂ばく is さばく, and it means desert.

He's basically complaining about the sand in his eyes.

砂 - same symbol as before, but I think it just means sand by itself.

I think the first three symbols on the first line mean traveller. At least the last symbol of the lot anyways.
The symbol after the space on the first line probably means an inn or something.

"Ark wake up. Ark!!"

起きる - to wake up (found the kanji symbol for it)

I think he's saying something to the effect of this town traps foreign people in an illusion, and the zombies eat them.

The third to last symbol on the first line, which also appeared in a previous screenshot related to traveler means foreign, I think.

Saw this symbol before, but the last characters on the first line mean "element of light". The first symbol means light, and the last two for element.

Sleepless seal

ねむ - to sleep
フダ - this is probably seal
らず might be a suffix for -less.

Basically says that's Temjin's grave.

First symbol on the first line means grave or gravestone.

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