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The following have been deduced from Terranigma, Pixiv and the Japanese Google interface.

From Google:
検索 - to search
画像 - Picture (at least the first character indicates as much. Not so sure about the last one.)

すべて - all (Under "search options", you get the choice to choose what languages you want the pages in and file types.)

評価 - rating (in the sense of rating something from 1 to 5 stars)
追加 - to add (I looked in my notifications, and this was used twice; once to tell me a bunch of people added me, and another to tell me someone added the "AllgemeineSS" tag to one of my pictures (wow, they know some German too!))
点 - points
数 - If I'm not mistaken, I think that means in total, all together, complete, whole, etc. I saw it next to the last symbol because it was trying to tell me how many points one of my images had in total.

動く - to move; I hear this in some animes too.

たおした - to defeat, probably. I'm not sure what it's plain form is considered, as it looks fairly similar to the next one.

"Ark. This task has been finished (well?)."
I think the two symbols just before the one before the space on the bottom line mean task.
If this verb, たえた, is anything like the last one, then I imagine it's fairly similar to erledigen in German (which incidentally means to finish, or in some contexts, kill or "finish off".)

"This is your last task. Now go."

Just another example of what I thought might be task. I guess the first two symbols after the space on the first line mean last. Or maybe even only the last symbol of the two.

"Wide hole in the ground" (not sure about the wide part; it's some adjective, I'm guessing)
The last symbol means hole, I think.

I can't be too sure, but I think he's saying this hole connects the overworld with this one. Just another one that shows the symbol for hole.

He's basically describing the overworld above.

The symbol for point, which we found earlier, when combined with the symbol next to it most likely means (current) position. I originally found that last symbol in iChat in Japanese, for saying I'm not present. I'm thinking he's saying you can see a vast stretch of land from a point somewhere.

I think he's describing how there used to be birds in the sky and fish in the ocean. Maybe the tense of that verb indicates they have gone-->disappeared.

However, 小鳥 is a small (小) bird (鳥), and the character just after the one after it is probably air.

"Alright Ark. After this, you will go to the overworld and restore life."

Not sure if life is the best word for that, but I see it a lot. I will watch and see if it does mean to rescue or not.

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