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The following have been deduced from Terranigma.

買う - to buy

And I guess やめます is not buy?

今 - now; I originally thought this meant today, but if you add a certain symbol, then it becomes today --> 今日

Well, it certainly does look like those two white symbols on the left do indicate life. That's what this chapter was all about anyways. And I should like to say a very specific form of life; namely living beings. Resurrection of life, perhaps?

Something about time passing.
時間 - time

"Ark slowly opened his eyes." And then something about seeing the barren land.

The symbol after the last space on the first line I think is eye(s).

"This is the hole where I came through... " And maybe something about not being able to turn back? Not sure.

I believe the fourth symbol after the space on the first line means to travel.

I think he is saying if trees are like people, then this passageway is like blood veins.

The two symbols after the space on the last line is probably the blood veins, and the symbol next to the one for travel is probably a compound word that means the passages. I should like to take a look at the えれば ending and see if that has anything to do with the conditional "if" phrase.

"Weapon Strength + 6
Spear made of Ra's branch."

えだで - Branch

"Follow the last of me..." (quite literally.)

ついておいて - to follow (might be some extra characters there that aren't actually a part of that verb. We'll watch and wait.)

"Ark. You can't swim?"

The first character after the space on the last line means to swim.

I believe that's the part where he says he doesn't need to learn to swim back at home.

However, I think こまる is probably to need or require.

"Large leaf"

At least that's what it probably was in the English game. The fourth symbol most likely means leaf.

"... Parasite has made its home here..." And something about a poison gas.

The third symbol after the space on the last line is most likely poison.

"Poison Cure" (at least that's what it was in English; P. Cure). Another example of the symbol for poison.

"Ra's Dewdrop"

So しずく is either a dewdrop, just a drop of water or something similar.

"Leaf clothes"
(or suit, I suppose. The last symbol means clothes or suit.)
"Cotton clothes"
Just to confirm that the last symbol is indeed clothes, and that the first symbol is cotton.

"Ark put Ra's Dewdrops in his mouth!"

口 - mouth
ふくる - to put. I think. It's one of those commonly used, generic, usually irregular verbs, so I'd have to be careful about that.

I think I said earlier that I considered よみがえる to mean restore. I think this is the part where he says it's still too early, and he hasn't restored all life yet.

"Good (of you) to come." Ark. I am Ra." And something about all living things being there to support Ark. I forget exactly what he says there.

I think that symbol after the first space on the first line means to come or visit. I've had my doubts about that, because it's another of those generic verbs, but I think that's about right.

"I foresaw your arrival on the surface of this earth." (or something of the sort. I forget exactly if he was foreseeing this or not.)

However, I am conjecturing the use of が as a particle that indicates a subordinate clause subject...more waiting and watching.

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