Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012


The following have been deduced from Terranigma.

I think in the English, it says the lion cubs are subjected to harsh tests or something.
I imagine the first two symbols have to do with royalty.

"I see. That's strict..."

きびしい - strict

"Brother. You're slow. Speed up a little." (I guess they're using brother as an affectionate term here, and not the biological one.)

おそい - slow
はやく - to speed up

"Huh? I got the wrong path? Let's go back, bro."

I think the character after the space on the second line means path.
もどる - I think this means to return or go back. I've seen it enough times. Not sure how this differs from 帰る though.

I've seen it enough times now, so I think the two characters before the last space on the first line means test. Which means if we go back to a previous screenshot that contained this text, it most likely says children of royalty (they're referring specifically to the lions) like to take tests in this valley.

I wonder if that symbol on the bottom line after the space could mean mercy.

He's basically explaining what a hot spring is. At least I believe that's what those two characters at the beginning of the line are saying.

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